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Music Teachers and Mountain Guides

Each year, as our season of music comes to a close, I have the great privilege and honor to work with students as a part of our annual high school choral festival. Five years ago “Tomorrow’s Voices Today” was just a festival, but now this title has grown to encompass all of Key Chorale’s educational outreach projects: after school programs for Visible Men Academy,
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The Power of Choral Music

What is the true power of choral music? Is it a perfect concert of sublime music that lifts your spirits? Is it that fulfilling moment when months of hard work are validated with an enthusiastic standing ovation? Maybe it’s the ability of music to speak to all, regardless of ethnicity, language or culture. Perhaps it is that special composition which helps us through our grief or life’s toughest moments.  Continue reading ->

Mountain Experience in Southwest Florida

Off-Key Chorale is a partnership with Neuro Challenge Foundation, Inc., Key Chorale of Sarasota, FL,  and Artist Series Concerts of Sarasota with the support of the Sarasota Memorial Institute for Advanced Medicine (IFAM). The chorus, comprised of Parkinson’s patients and their families  is led by Key Chorale Artistic Director Joseph Caulkins and accompanied by Artist Series Concerts co-founder and artistic director, Lee Dougherty Ross. Continue reading ->

Who Lights the Spark?

If I had to come up with the most important aspect of my work as a conductor you might not immediately guess, it would be the time and energy I invest in our youth. Each season, I set aside time in my schedule to work with students, coaching their school choirs, leading festivals as a clinician, adjudicating events and contests, and investing my talents in our youth. Continue reading ->

It’s All About Repertoire

More than 42 million singers participate in choral singing in the United States. But what makes one ensemble struggle while another flourishes? One choir prays for tenors while another turns away good singers because they don’t have any open spots. Continue reading ->

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