Adventurous is a fitting descriptor for Joseph Caulkins. It has been used to describe his reputation for bold programming, world premieres and unique collaborations on the conductor’s podium, to his knack for vibrant storytelling as a freelance writer and music critic, to his pursuits as an experienced alpinist. These diverse interests shape the quality of his music making, writing, climbing and life.

He is currently a freelance writer and Music Columnist for Florida Weekly, named the best weekly newspaper in the state by the Florida Press Association. A humorist and satirist with a unique world view and a perverse love of onomatopoeia, Joseph’s engaging wit and charming storytelling are front and center in his short stories Sing it DirtyThe AuditionA Palm Sunday Miracle and in his recent humorous memoir Search for Sandbar, Surreal Adventures from an 8-year-old’s Perspective.

Each summer Joseph travels to Southern France, to the solitude of a small country village, where he writes, speaks with the locals mostly in pantomime, climbs mountains, and works alongside his faithful cat Milhaud (pronounced Mee-Oh), all while refining his wine tasting skills with his wife Michelle.


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