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October 7, 2012 in Press Release, Upcoming Events

Do you sing in the shower? Do you sing “off-key?”

Singing is a good vocal exercise for anybody, but it may be particularly helpful with Parkinson’s, experts say. (2012 Patients with the disease often lose volume and clarity in their voices.

“There is something intimate and personal about the human voice. Sure we all have one, some are better than others, some softer than others, and even the worst of us can manage to croak out a note or two. But there is something magical, something empowering, when one voice joins with another – suddenly the sum is greater than the individual parts, and we all are better for the effort, the experience, and just the plain fun of it.” – Artistic Director Joseph Caulkins.

Starting October 30, you can join the “Off-Key Chorale” a cooperative program with Key Chorale, Artist Series Concerts, Neuro Challenge Foundation and Sarasota Memorial’s HealthFit. The Off-Key Chorale is open to patients, caregivers, friends, family. No pressure, no expectations, just fun, is the motto. Meeting weekly for six weeks, Maestro Joseph Caulkins, Artistic Director of Key Chorale, accompanied by Lee Dougherty Ross founder of Artist Series Concerts, will lead you through vocal exercises, uplifting songs and the joy of the chorale experience. So please join us, make friends, express yourself freely. Call Jennifer Williams at 941 926 6413 ext 700.

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