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Peak Performances: Joseph Caulkins’ adventurous spirit

From the conductor’s podium to the world’s most isolated mountaintops, the Key Chorale artistic director draws inspiration from adventure. At the top of each of his lesson plans, Joseph Caulkins leaves himself a note: “Leadership is taking people beyond their own expectations.”

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Off-Key Chorale’s healing voices

Off Key Chorale uses the power of music to give Parkinson’s patients a voice. There’s no question about the emotional healing power of music. But if one needs proof of its ability to physically heal, he need look no further than the Off Key Chorale.

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Key Chorale reveals new season

Caulkins has been working with Dan Jordan, concertmaster of the Sarasota Orchestra, since he took the Key Chorale’s reins in 2007. Jordan said that organizing the orchestral side of Caulkin’s 110-person choral group is one of his favorite things to do each season, because of the dedicated people involved.

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Love and loss, in music and movement

For weeks the singers of Una Voce, the Florida Men’s Chorale, and the four professionals dancers who will perform with them at the Gala Festival in Denver in July, had been separately rehearsing Kris Anthony’s dramatic ode to love and loss, “When We No Longer Touch,” the chorus under its musical director, Joe Caulkins,..

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A massive throng

When Joseph Caulkins decided to start a community-wide choral festival in 2014, Caulkins thought he’d be happy with having about 20 singers jump on board.”This year it’s just snowballed, the amount of reaction we’ve got,” said Caulkins. “It’ll be a massive throng and a glorious sound.”

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2017-18 season emphasizes outreach, education

From that point forward, Caulkins was on a mission to “use choral music as a way to influence our community beyond just doing great concerts,” says the 50-year-old conductor, educator and off-season mountain climber. The 2017-2018 season, which opens this week, evinces his commitment to that goal.

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Aerialist Dolly Jacobs flies to world premiere

Joseph Caulkins said he sometimes feels a bit like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde while conducting the annual Cirque des Voix performances with Key Chorale, the Sarasota Orchestra and an international array of acts brought together by Circus Sarasota.

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Key Chorale strikes a festive note with Charpentier

It wasn’t until a musicologist published Charpentier’s works in the late 1970s that the public discovered it, spurring a revival. Key Chorale will revisit the 17th-century composer with a holiday concert featuring the long-forgotten works, including some that will make their Florida premiere.

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